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Cash, Check, Credit Card


Cash or appreciated securities are the most common ways to donate and can be given as either an expendable or endowed gift.

Benefits for cash gifts:

  • Allows you to see immediate results of your generosity
  • Provides immediate tax benefits
  • Deduct up to 50% of your annual adjusted gross income for cash gifts
  • Carry over excess deductions for up to five years

Benefits for appreciated securities:  

  • Twice the tax savings
  • Income tax deduction for full-fair market value if you’ve held the security for more than one year
  • Avoid capital gains tax on appreciation

If used to make a bequest or fund a charitable trust, gift annuity or other gift arrangement, you may realize substantial estate and gift tax savings as well. In either case, you claim a charitable gift deduction of up to 30% your annual adjusted gross income.