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Donate now to the Student Relief Fund

The Academic Senate oversees the Student Relief Fund, a fund that gives grants to students in unanticipated need. Funds are raised through faculty contributions and an annual donation from the Associated Students. Requests need to come through administrators, faculty or classified staff members. Please inform students that the process usually takes two weeks. If you have any questions, please contact Audra Wells, Counseling Faculty, extension 4930.‚Äč

Guidelines for Funding 

The Faculty Student Relief Fund was created by the Santa Monica College Academic Senate to assist students in meeting short-term, temporary financial obligations, which, if not ameliorated, would interfere with the student’s ability to continue his or her education at Santa Monica College. Five (5) faculty members serve on the committee. As the available funds are quite limited, the Committee will utilize the following guidelines:

  1. Student must be currently enrolled at SMC.

  2. The student’s academic record will be reviewed for commitment and progress. Although there is no minimum GPA or number of completed units required, the student’s record may be taken into consideration.

  3. Need must be verified by an administrator, faculty or classified staff member.

  4. Need must be unexpected, short-term or temporary.

  5. Award will enable student to continue with immediate studies.

  6. Maximum award is $500. If need is greater than $500, the request will not be considered unless there is an explanation as to how the student will attempt to raise the additional funds.

  7. A student awaiting financial aid is not usually funded; nor is a loan available.

  8. Grants are awarded on a one-time basis.

  9. Award will not be used for fees.

  10. In most cases, books and course materials are considered an expected college expense. The student is encouraged to use course materials on Reserve at the library. Faculty are encouraged to put course materials on Reserve for their students.

  11. Funding requires approval by a simple majority.

Student will be notified of decision. If funding is granted, student will be made aware of how award will be received and approximately when it should be received.


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